16 January 2018

emfec is pleased to announce a new British Values resource by Pinnacle Training, well known within the sector for developing and championing excellent EDI training resources.

We know staff in the sector have been working hard to embed British values within students’ teaching and learning experiences; we also know this is by no means straightforward or easy to do! The new resource pack includes ideas for activities and discussions and contains much new and updated information to support staff in their work to promote British values.

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Come along to emfec’s next Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Network meeting on 23 January and take the opportunity to experience a presentation by Alex Baghurst from Pinnacle Training (a well-established company which develops EDI training and resources for the sector).

Ofsted’s 2016 Annual Report expressed criticism of sector ‘staff knowledge and understanding of the promotion of British values, and how to integrate these into lessons’. While it is also acknowledged that there has been much work in the sector to develop approaches to embedding and promoting British values, we also know the hotspots and this is an ideal opportunity to hear about a resource pack which includes a wealth of new and updated information, including learner activities and discussion points, The Prevent Duty context, staff responsibilities, common challenges, controversial issues, relevant Ofsted and inspection reports, SMSC development, sector good practice and links to other useful resources.

Alex will present this new British Values Resource pack which includes many ideas for training staff, backed up with tools to put it into practice and promote key themes with learners. Find out how you can obtain a copy.

As with all emfec’s networks, we start with a tasty networking lunch, and you can be sure the meeting will provide you with an opportunity to meet with likeminded staff who are passionate about developing and promoting EDI.

To register for the network meeting on 23 January, please click here. 

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