3 August 2017

Art, Design and Media qualifications at ABC Awards are an extremely popular choice for learners across the UK. There is a diverse range of qualifications on offer with various pathways to support the development of different technical skills.

Last month we visited Xaverian College in Manchester for the standardisation event for the Level 3 and 4 Foundation Diploma in Art, Design and Media, and we had a chance to take a look at some of the great work the students had produced.

Adrian Joseph, Qualifications and Assessment Development Manager attended the event and commented:

“I was impressed by the standard of work that was on display as part of the standardisation event. It was very interesting to look at the thought process that goes into the work by looking at the workbooks, journals and research work.”

These particular qualifications have been developed to enhance self-reliant learning, which is a key skill to have if you plan to go on to study at University. Student Chloe Heffernan, who has been given an unconditional offer to study Illustration at York St. John University, tells us about how the ABC Awards Level 3 Foundation Diploma in Art, Design and Media helped her on the path to further study.

Chloe has always had a passion for the arts and studied it at A-Level, at which time she was encouraged by her tutors to do a foundation diploma.

Chloe said:

“The ABC Awards qualification gives you the experience necessary to work independently at university, allowing you a taste test of your preferences in art.”

“Before the course I was unsure of what art path to take, but now I am very certain on what is right for me, and my preferred style of working, which was always encouraged and nourished by tutors.”

Studying at foundation level helps learners really focus on what practices they want to pursue further. For Chloe, her skills lie within drawing and she has recently spent time writing and illustrating her own story.

Chloe adds:

“The structure of the qualification really allows you the time and space to explore your preferences as a young artist. The amount of encouragement to explore new things by the staff at Xaverian is phenomenal, as they always believe in every student that walks through their doors.”

Although this qualification focuses on independent thinking, students who like a more hands on collective approach shouldn’t be deterred from studying at this level. You will be guided and fully supported towards a more independent way of working which would be required of you should you choose to progress onto university or employment.

Chloe speaks very highly of the support she has received from her tutors and comments:

“I’ve been completely supported by my tutors, both academically and on a personal level.

While always offering help with my projects, they were all very supportive of problems going on outside of the course in my family life, and I can never thank the tutors enough for their understanding, patience, helpfulness, and gentleness.”

Chloe’s tutor Shaun Steele comments:

“Chloe is a very talented artist who did extremely well in her A levels and continued to develop her ideas and concepts well on the Level 3 Diploma qualification.”

“She wrote and produced a beautifully illustrated book which really showcased her talent.

We wish her all the very best as she begins an illustration degree in September at her first choice university, York St. John.”

Seeing how our qualifications can help learners gain a place at University is great to hear about. We wish Chloe all the best for starting her degree in September and working towards her ambition of illustrating books.

We’re also thankful to the tutors at Xaverian College who are delivering our qualifications and producing such great artists in the making!

To find out more about our suite of Art, Design and Creative qualifications please visit the website or speak with the ABC Awards team about delivering a qualification at your Centre: 0115 854 1620

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