21 October 2016

ABC Awards was at the FAB Awards yesterday after being shortlisted in the category for Innovation of the Year.

ABC Awards was up against the Association of Corporate Treasurers, Digital Assess and YMCA Awards in the Innovation of the Year category, sponsored by the British Council, with the accolade being awarded to YMCA Awards for their online learning games.

The Federation of Awarding Bodies (FAB) annual awards recognise all that is positive about awarding organisations and the excellent people who work within them.

ABC Awards was nominated for the Innovation of the Year category for its MOT testing products, which include an interactive microsite, online Annual Assessment and new MOT qualifications, developed with the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA).

Launched just six months ago, the new products have been developed in order to support the DVSA in the professionalisation of the MOT industry. All MOT testers now have to take an Annual Assessment alongside three hours of recorded training in order to maintain their testing status.

ABC Awards developed a custom-built microsite specifically for MOT training needs with an integrated, secure Annual Assessment system. The system enables testers to sit their Annual Assessment online at any time, using mobile, tablet or desktop devices.

Thanks to the easy-to-use system and free advice and guidance provided both online and by the ABC Awards team over the telephone, we have been able to help 99% of customers to pass their MOT Annual Assessment so far.

In addition, new professional qualifications have been developed to train new MOT testers and test centre managers, to formally acknowledge the professional role of motor vehicle technicians and to maintain high standards across the industry. Only ABC Awards and two other awarding organisations have been granted licence by the DVSA to provide these qualifications.

Commenting on the experience of developing the products, Denise Sedgwick, Head of Qualifications Research and Development, said:

“It has been absolutely wonderful working with people who were all very much focused on getting the product right for our customers and wider stakeholders.

“Everyone involved in the development and testing of the system had a can-do attitude so that we were able to quickly respond to make improvements to the system before launching.”

Jonathan Leaper, Systems Support Officer leading on the MOT developments in IT, added:

“I think the biggest success of our online system is its flexibility in being able to support not just individuals but also large organisations who wish to purchase multiple tests in advance.

“Our secure online system can respond to direct payments through PayPal, unique voucher codes generated for bulk buy customers, and can also be utilised as an integrated system for organisations that want to link their training packages directly to the Annual Assessment.

“This three-fold functionality has given us the best, all-round system to support all of our customers’ needs.”

The winner was announced at the FAB Awards and dinner last night, held at the Marriott Hotel in Leicester.

Paul Eeles, Chief Executive of the Skills and Education Group, consisting of ABC Awards, ASDAN and emfec, said:

“All of us at ABC Awards are very happy to have been shortlisted for this award in recognition of the hard work put in to developing innovative MOT testing products over the course of this year.

“We have been delighted by the success of the new products, which is all down to the time and effort that has been put in by the talented team at ABC Awards. Once again they have all impressed me and I am delighted that they have reached the finals of these awards for the second year in a row.

“Congratulations to YMCA Awards on a well-deserved win in this category.”

Paul was at the annual FAB Conference yesterday, where he was also announced as the new Chair of FAB.

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