21 October 2016

Saatchi and Saatchi came to North Lindsey College to deliver an inspiring class in advertising to students.

Saatchi and Saatchi are a leading advertising company based in London and have worked with some amazing clients on their advertising campaigns including Walls, Pampers, Toyota, Direct Line and Asda.

Media students branded their creative media design class ‘the best’; when Jonathan Lefley from Saatchi and Saatchi came to deliver a session on advertising.

The students had the opportunity to listen and learn from the leading industry expert

Jonathan Lefley and also ask him questions.  Jonathan’s advice to students was:

“When you embark on a career in a creative course you will realise it is a hard industry to get into, but you will realise that you can also do great things. Care about what you do and you will get that break, that window of opportunity.  Be a player and keep creating!”

Jonathan spoke about various campaigns he has worked on including time spent on campaigns with high profile media personalities including Usain Bolt and James Martin.  He spoke about different elements of the work such as the long distance travelling involved and the bonuses of working in the industry, his career ups and downs, including running his own business when he was self-employed.

Pete Calvert (Lecturer in Art and Design at North Lindsey College) organised the visit and trained at College with Jonathan and commented:

“It has been 25 years since we were at college together, it’s great to have contacts who are willing to come in and speak with the students to give them an industry perspective and prepare them for the world of work”.

The students got so much from the talk and were buzzing afterwards.”

Student Oliver Jephson commented:

“I think it was really helpful to anyone going into advertising.  He showed that the smallest or simplest idea can lead to a popular advertisement.  The Pampers advert was really fun and interesting to watch which involved Jonathan’s family.”

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