19 January 2017

Budding creative media students enjoyed a lesson delivered by BBCF (The British Board of Film Classification) on the guidelines of their favourite movie releases.

Heidi Renton (BBFC Education Officer) came to North Lindsey College to educate the students on age ratings and gave them an insight on the work they do with films, music videos and games.

The creative students will never watch a film in the same way without analysing the content and being aware of the age classifications specified.

Creative student Danielle Hector (18) said:

“The talk was really interesting, especially the way that films are classified and the work that has gone into making them suitable for viewing.  I was surprised by the effort and work that goes into this and I have a new respect for this.  I have definitely learnt from the session and will use it in the future.”

Students were totally engaged by the interactive talk and enjoyed watching various clips from various movies and even had the opportunity to try and guess the classification of a combat scene and also analyse a scene from Downton Abbey.

The talk also included how children and animals are protected by legislation, the examination process for classification and also how process violence is analysed and how category cuts and compulsory cuts are made.

Lecturer in computing, John Robinson, organised the talk for the students and commented:

“The talk from the BBFC will help students that may be producing video content in the future.  They are now aware of the issues covered by age certification and for all the students to think about the content of games and media they produce for their target audience.”

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