2 November 2016

Studying the behaviour of animals is the dream course for former North Lindsey College student Dominika Kaminska.

Dominika has recently started studying higher education in Animal Behaviour and Training at Moreton Morrell College, Warwickshire. She is on the right road to pursue her dream job working with animals and learning about their behaviour.

Dominika is delighted to be at University and can’t thank the College enough for the support she has had.  She came to North Lindsey College in 2012 to study Level 2 in Animal Management as well as studying for her GCSE in English and then progressing onto Level 3 Diploma in Animal Management.

Polish is Dominika’s first language so she had an extra challenge learning English alongside her chosen subject.

Dominika commented:

“When I came to England I couldn’t speak English, I learnt through school and then took my GCSE English at College.  My tutors were great and helped me get my grades.”

North Lindsey College houses a wide range of small animals and reptiles that the students work with and help care for. Dominika particularly enjoyed working with the reptiles and also has a pet snake and a dog that she cares for at home.

Whilst growing up Dominika lived on a farm in Poland where they had a variety of livestock.  Caring for these animals sparked her enthusiasm for working with animals professionally and as a future career.  Dominika was delighted to learn that North Lindsey College had a course that enabled her to be working hands on with animals.

She stated:

“I made a lot of friends at College and we still keep in touch.  I loved the course, it was amazing to learn so much about animals.

“I didn’t think I was good enough so I am very proud to be at University, I never thought I would get here. The work was very hard at first but it got easier. I say to my friends who don’t speak great English to come to North Lindsey College and they will give you the support to let you do what you want to do.”

Dominika’s long term ambitions include working with dogs and wolves and applying the skills she has worked so hard for throughout College and University.

North Lindsey College is the largest provider of post-16 education and training in North Lincolnshire, offering a wide range of further education programmes, both vocational and academic, and apprenticeship courses at a range of levels.

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