26 January 2017

North Lindsey College Animal Management Centre is home to over 48 animal species and is full to capacity.

The college staff and students care for a variety of animals that have mostly been donated from the local public who are unable to care for them.

This time of the year often results in many enquiries for the centre from people with unwanted Christmas gifts. In the past it has seen them take on animals ranging from hamsters, rabbits, stick insects, bearded dragons, terrapins, guinea pigs and snakes.

The Animal Management students work and care for the animals on a day to day basis giving them fantastic work experience whilst learning from experienced staff.  Sian Sayers (Facilitator in Animal Management) recently identified a scorpion that could have had serious consequences in the wrong hands.  It had been brought into the UK via a shipment of goods and luckily Sian was knowledgeable enough to identifying its species and arranged a specialist to take care of it.  The expert was a local exotics retailer who operates a rescue and re-homing service.

The college tutors have fantastic links with local animal establishments and also help raise funds for them.  A Giant French Lop rabbit named Nero came to live at the centre after his rabbit partner had died and was left alone.  The students helped him find a new companion after pairing him up with another rabbit, Edith.  The students supported the animals through a bonding process which resulted in Nero finding a new love in his life.

The students get involved in various practical sessions, cleaning out, grooming, feeding and health checks.  They progress to either apprenticeships or employment in kennels, catteries, pet shops, grooming parlours, animal sanctuaries, veterinary surgeries, zoos, safari parks and rescue centres and stables. Students also progress on to various universities. Students can now also study at the University Centre based at North Lindsey College to further their studies in Animal Management.

Rebecca Mullen (Level 3 Diploma in Animal Management) commented:

“It’s great that the College has taken on so many animals and that they are cared for correctly.  If they went to the wrong owners, they could end up being badly treated.”

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