9 March 2016

The ABC Awards Level 1 Certificate in Art, Design and Creative Studies provides learners of all abilities with an introduction to art, design and craft.

The qualification has been specifically devised to provide learners with the opportunity to develop their personal creativity while completing an Ofqual regulated qualification.

Learners will complete this qualification with a comprehensive understanding of basic media and materials, the importance of planning and preparation, and how to work on a brief in art and design.

The qualification, which has a recommended 90 guided learning hours, can be taught stand alone or can supplement your wider art and design curriculum, supporting young adults, adults and learners with special needs to explore their creative talents and work towards a goal.

All learners who complete the qualification will have developed the ability to respond critically to visual images, evaluate their own work, engage with and make informed judgements about artefacts and relate to a variety of contexts including cultural, historical and social backgrounds.

Learners who have completed the Level 1 Certificate will be able to progress to the Level 2 Certificate, which expands on the knowledge and skills already developed and helps your learners to develop a greater understanding of production techniques in a chosen area.

Both of these qualifications offer the flexibility to work with one or multiple specialist areas, encompassing the wide variety of activities now included in the subject. Specialist areas of focus could include, but are not limited to, fine art, graphic design, jewellery, ceramics, embroidery and leather work.

Paul Barker, Moderator for Art and Design at ABC Awards, said:

“The Level 1 Certificate in Art, Design and Creative Studies is all about strengthening the skills of learners by encouraging them to be inspired by their hobbies, interests, likes and dislikes, as well as different periods of time and cultures.

“There are no restrictive themes or set tasks that they need to complete for the end assessment; it’s about experimentation of different media and building a progressive portfolio of work showing a breadth of expressive activity and relevant connections to the topics or people researched in the planning stages.

“Although some learners’ abilities may vary, this qualification enables all works to be considered as legitimate expressions of personal thoughts and feelings in visual terms.”

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