20 February 2020

As a middle manager, part of the responsibility for implementing organisational change lies with you. This can be a daunting prospect when large changes are passed down from above – such as the introduction of a brand-new national qualification, for example!

The introduction of T Levels presents a challenge for middle managers, who have the task of creating a suitable change process. Whether you have to manage a team or a particular area such as curriculum planning, you have a key role to play in the implementation of T Levels.

However, this challenge can also be viewed as an opportunity. The skills you develop in becoming ‘T Level ready’ will not only prepare you for the demands of this new qualification, but will also benefit you in other aspects of your role.

The upcoming Organisational Readiness for Middle Managers one-day training event delivered by the Education and Training Foundation will not only prepare you for the T Levels, but also act as an enriching professional development course in its own right. It will be structured as a workshop with a balance of theory and practical application, while it will also include networking time and provide you with resources to take away with you.

Become an agent of change

This workshop will develop your existing skills so that you are well-placed to not only lead this particular change yourself, but also to manage future change in your organisation. You will likely have some prior experience of change management, but there is always room for improvement at this key skill.

Implementing a large change requires strategic thinking and strong leadership skills, and this event will help you to develop this. You will also further your understanding of how to design a T Level curriculum, how to lead curriculum change in your organisation, and how to plan for the delivery of T Levels. You will need to take into account the needs of all of your students, (for example, you may need to consider provision for SEND students) and the event will help you with this.

Work with stakeholders

This event will prompt you to start considering which external stakeholders you will need to work with when delivering T Levels and will help you to develop a stakeholder strategy.

Part of your work with external stakeholders will involve working with local employers to monitor your students’ placements. Quality managers, for example, will have to consider the quality assurance requirements of each placement.

Engaging with internal stakeholders can be just as important though. Communicating the change to colleagues throughout your organisation well in advance is important, and you may have to deal with resistance to change, so being able to manage conflict is important.

Start your action plan

On completion of this training session, you will have started an action plan to prepare your organisation for T Levels. Furthermore, you will be confident that you have the leadership skills to lead change now and in the future. Information will also be provided on how to access mentoring support.

Attendees at previous events reported that they valued the opportunity to share experiences and approaches with other managers from within and beyond their organisation. They also said the sessions helped them understand how their area fitted into broader activity around T Levels, and emphasised how much work needed to be completed within a short timeframe. Participants also valued discussions on how to make links with industry, to support student placements effectively.

Book your place

You can book your place via the ETF website below. Booking closes on 5 March.

Date: 6 March 2020 10:00 - 15:30

Venue: Stafford College, Victoria Square, ST16 2QR

Price: no charge

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Did you know?

If you or your organisation are part of a Teacher Regional Improvement Project (TRIP), you will be able to claim remission funding for attending this event.