4 December 2018

Brooksby Melton College Equine lecturers, Melissa Rudd and Charlotte Farmer-Day, have published two journal articles in Comparative Exercise Physiology, a peer-reviewed academic journal.

Working alongside renowned academics in the Equine industry, Dr David Marlin, Professor Hilary Clayton and Jane Williams (DPhil), they produced two papers detailing their research on stirrups.

One paper focused on stirrup lengths chosen by novice and experienced riders, and the other used the results of a survey to explore the factors that influence riders’ choice of stirrup length. The latter even made it to Rome to be presented at the International Society for Equitation Science’s 14th International Conference.

Melissa and Charlotte commented ‘We are very lucky to have worked with such prestigious academics, and would like to thank them for their support throughout the development of this research. Being able to research and produce journal articles means that we have strong links within the Equine industry and are able to lead in current scientific research processes, which keeps our lectures fresh and up to date. In addition, it puts us in a better place to aid our own students with their research in their undergraduate dissertations.’

Brooksby Melton College offers a range of Equine qualifications at the 850 acre Brooksby Campus, from Level 2 through to degree level. Students learn from industry-expert teaching staff and benefit from multi-million pound facilities, including a state-of-the-art commercial Equine Rehabilitation Centre featuring a water treadmill and solarium, two indoor arenas and two outdoor arenas.

Comparative Exercise Physiology is a quarterly journal published by Wageningen Academic Publishers. It is the only international peer-reviewed scientific journal to specifically focus on the latest research in exercise physiology across all animal species.

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