5 December 2016

Students at Northampton College who are keen to pursue a career in public services have been able to find out more about staying safe in uniform thanks to the donation of a bullet proof vest.

The state-of-the-art vest was handed over by specialist safety clothing manufacturer SafeGuard as part of the company’s ongoing commitment to promote awareness of the importance of safety and protecting the lives of law enforcement and military operatives.

SafeGuard has teamed up with the Public Services course at Northampton College to help educate students on the working mechanics behind the design and structure of tactical armour.

SafeGuard Clothing spokesman Thomas Bowman said:

“We are pleased to assist Northampton College in the development of their Public Service course and the donation of one of our bullet proof vest that aims to enhance the learning experience of students.

“The use of SafeGuard’s bullet proof vest in the Public Service course of Northampton College enables students to witness first-hand the working mechanics behind staying safe in the line of work that involves daily risks.”

The vest will allow students to familiarise themselves with vital life-saving equipment they will come across as part of their everyday uniform if they pursue a career in public services.

Lecturer Matthew Mansfield said:

“The vest will be used in class to give students an insight into the sort of equipment they could be using if and when they progress to a career in the public services.

“People focus on the romantic side of a career in the public services such as saving lives or being a hero but they very quickly forget about ugly side of it, the days where you have to put your life on the line and situations where you might get hurt.

“This equipment is there purely to save your lives and seeing the kit at first hand really brings home the dangers of working in the public services for the students.”

Public Services Student Matthew Mullalley said:

“I’m hoping to join the military so it’s helpful to see the kit I might be using in the future. You don’t always think about police officers having to wear stab-proof or bullet-proof vests so it helps bring that to light.”

Northampton College is one of the largest general further education colleges in the region with over 9,000 students and a turnover of over £28 million.

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