2 October 2017

We had no idea back in 2012 when we started our Showcase Centre initiative that it would turn out to be so successful!

ABC Awards first established Showcase Centres in all regions of England and Wales to highlight and promote best practice and celebrate learner achievements across all of our centres. At that time, we thought we might be onto a great thing and five years on, we were proven right. We have continued to support and nurture our Showcase Centre enterprise and we think we have a unique way of promoting and supporting our centres.

With our Showcase Centres who all offer a variety of ABC Awards qualifications, ABC Awards is able to maintain a closer working and mutually advantageous relationship. Our centres benefit from additional promotion and support from ABC Awards and are awarded a special Showcase Centre plaque which they can proudly display. Our Showcase centres are happy to share best practice with us and also assist and positively support fellow organisations.

This past year alone we have appointed five new centres and for the first time we have included Counselling centres.

Our Showcase Centres are a mix of Schools, Colleges and Training Providers and vary in size and location.

We currently have Showcase Centres for Fashion & Textiles, Art & Design, Motor Vehicle, Fabrication and Welding, Catering and Counselling, and we are looking to expand further in the sectors already mentioned as well as appointing centres for Animal Care, Languages, Youth & Community and Preparation for Life and Work.

It’s going to be a busy year for us consulting with our colleagues and Moderators who work with the centres to identify who we approach to join this prestigious club. Keep an eye out, it might be your centre next!

You can find out more about our excellent Showcase Centres by visiting the ABC Awards Website.

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