23 June 2017

Award-winning hairdresser Lee Stafford has officially opened a brand new academy in style at North Lindsey College to deliver some the best trained hairdressers in North Lincolnshire.

At the event Lee personally demonstrated his creative skills with a Level 3 disconnected cut on stage.  Two college staff members also demonstrated two other styles created by Lee; a twisted tong style and also a big and bouncy blow dry to an audience of local hairdressing salons, employers, tutors and professionals in the business.  The lucky selected models were hand-picked by Lee himself which the college ran a social media campaign for.

Skye Hopkins (19) had her hair worked on by Lee and said:

“Lee Stafford is such an influential professional in the hair industry and it was an honour to be selected by him – it was a once in a lifetime opportunity.”

The hairdressing salons have all adopted the Lee Stafford Academy branding in hot pink and every tutor in the salon has had to undertake the rigorous training despite their existing extensive experience.  Seventeen new and unique ‘recipes’ (as Lee refers to) will be taught to the staff, and their knowledge will then be delivered to the students enrolled from September reflecting some of the most cutting-edge styles seen in salons across the UK.

Lee Stafford said:

“The event was about local employers and I wanted to show them what we are doing at the academy with young people; learning solid commercial, Michelin Star quality and our recipes are a great model to work with.  Speed is not important at first, it’s about getting it right which is the real challenge.

“The academy is about finding the right partners and North Lindsey College has a fantastic attitude whilst striving for excellence; they also have a great team and that’s all you can ask for.”

The lucky intake of Level 2 hairdressers will start at the academy in September 2017 and will get to learn from one of the best in the business whilst working with Lee’s very own award winning products, which are exclusively available at Boots.

Lee has a personal vision to create the best training opportunities in the world for would-be hairdressers through partnerships with a select number of Further Education Colleges.  His rise to celebrity status started from cutting hair in his mum’s dining room, to now having 32 awards across the world for his products, being the face of TV hairdressing and having accolades such as Best British Hairdresser, Hair Magazine Hairdresser of the Year and Men’s British Hairdresser of the Year.

Hairdresser, Kay Smithson, attended the event and has been a mobile hairdresser for 27 years.

She said:

“This has definitely been very educational and things have changed a lot since my training – it used to be about being smooth and precise and that is not the case now.  Most of my customers want traditional but I have definitely learnt from this today and I will try some of these techniques.

“I definitely think there is a need for some refresher training with the Lee Stafford academy.”

For any further details regarding our hairdressing courses please contact out Customer Services department on 01724 281111.

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