21 March 2016

Student Support staff at Central College Nottingham have won a national award.

The college’s Behaviour and Support team scooped 'Team of the Year' at the NAMSS (National Association for Managers of Student Services) awards in Bristol on 14 March.

Learner Achievement Coach Team Leader, Laura Archer, was named runner up in the “team member of the year” category.

The Behaviour and Support team at Central offer a range of support to both students and staff to aid retention and achievement. In 2014/15 they supported 1300 students.

The college was the first nationally to achieve the Carers Federation Quality Standard in Carer Support in 2014. A recent Ofsted inspection praised the department’s work as “exemplary”.

Laura Archer is the college’s Learner Achievement Coach Team Leader. Laura is responsible for twenty Learner Achievement Coaches who work with students who are educationally ‘at risk’ such as ‘young carers’.

The reason for the nomination is for Laura’s enthusiasm and determination to support young carers and drive forward the need to ensure young carers succeed educationally. Not only has Laura been able to highlight this agenda internally, she has helped to raise the profile nationally. In 2014/15 93% of young carers at the college completed their course, a 7% increase on the previous year.

Head of Learner Services at the college, Katie Tarrant, said:

“I am extremely proud of our success. Both the team and Laura work hard to ensure that our students get the support they need to achieve and these awards confirm that the work we do is highly effective.”

College Principal, Malcolm Cowgill, said:

“It is fantastic for the college’s staff to be recognised on a national stage. When Ofsted call the department’s work ‘exemplary’ it speaks volumes about the level of support they are giving to Central College students.”