24 February 2020

The chilling story of a respectable man’s sudden arrest and prosecution for a crime never revealed to him has been brought to Loughborough College’s theatre in an innovative performance of Franz Kafka’s The Trial.

Audiences were drawn into the classic tale and nightmarish world of Joseph K with a stage washed in unsettling light and dominated by towering ladders.

“We wanted the feel of snakes and ladders as Josef one moment feels he is making progress, only to almost immediately plunge once more into frustration and despair,” said Emma Ledsam, who directed and choreographed the play with fellow Loughborough College performing arts lecturer Graham Ireland.

“Our interpretation had an avant garde feel, with our students using a mixture of dance, movement and traditional theatre performance to depict the chaos of Josef’s situation, the torment of being accused and standing trial - but never being told why.

“This is a challenging story but our all-female cast did an amazing job. The audience was totally captivated.”

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