22 June 2017

Loughborough College has once again been rewarded for its excellent learning and teaching – announcing major recognition twice on the same day.

Hot on the heels of the College’s latest report from education watchdog Ofsted – which highlighted “high quality teaching” at Loughborough College and rated it ‘Outstanding’ for apprenticeships – the Teaching Excellence Framework has recognised that “students from all backgrounds” at the College “achieve excellent outcomes with regards to progression and employment or further study.”

The Framework was established by the Government to recognise excellence in learning and teaching and following review, Loughborough College’s achievements and effectiveness were awarded Silver.

The panel commented that the College’s culture “facilitates, recognises and rewards excellent teaching” and drew attention to its “effective academic tutoring systems that provides high levels of engagement and commitment to learning and study from students” as well as to “high quality physical and digital resources which are used by students to enhance learning.”

TEF also highlighted Loughborough College activity which focuses “on the development of vocational skills and academic achievement” and that the College works “closely with industrial partners in course development and review and embedding of employability skills in the curriculum.”

Colin Butler, Acting Principal at Loughborough College, said:

“We are thrilled to be able announce recognition for our learning and teaching both from the Teaching Excellence Framework and from Ofsted on the same day.

“It is wonderful to receive official acknowledgement for the outstanding achievements of our staff who work tirelessly to develop all our students’ knowledge and skills.

“The TEF panel particularly noted the excellent progression of our learners, whether that is into employment or further study, and it is the team we have at Loughborough College who enable our students to seize the opportunities which can make such a difference to their lives.”

For more information contact Elizabeth Udall, Communications Consultant, Loughborough College on 07515 852690 or elizabethudall1@gmail.com

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