9 October 2017

The Animal Unit at Derby College’s Broomfield Hall in Morley will be getting visitors into the Halloween mood on Saturday October 21 with the chance to get up close and personal with some of the creepy crawlies who are looked after by students there.

Millipedes, cockroaches and sun beetles will be just some of the insects that visitors can handle at the family open day between 10am and 4pm as well as some of the reptiles who are resident in the animal unit with special sessions on how to care for them at home.

The ultimate challenge will be straight out of television’s ‘I’m a Celebrity – Get Me Out of Here’ with visitors putting their hands into three boxes to find coins hidden beneath the insects lurking inside.

For those who are too squeamish to touch – the wide range of reptile and insect species from spiders to snakes will be safely behind glass screens to see from a distance and there are a host of more cuddly residents to meet from rabbits to mice.

The Halloween theme continues with the chance to find out about the natural habitat of bats and, with thoughts turning to Bonfire Night, learn more about the dangers facing hedgehogs at this time of year – particularly those who nestle in wood piles ready for hibernation.

Activities will include decorating paper mache pumpkins, feeding the meerkats and goats and meeting some of the new arrivals at Broomfield Hall including two pot-bellied piglets and a female porcupine.

There will also be pumpkins for sale ready for the Halloween celebrations.

Derby College Animal Care lecturer Jonathan Taylor explained: “The Animal Care students work with a wide range of insects, reptiles, animals and birds as part of their study programmes and the family open day is a great opportunity to meet some of them.

“The creepy crawly experience will get everyone in the Halloween mood but there are lots of far more cuddly animals to meet and learn more about so everyone is welcome – from the adventurous to the more squeamish!”

Entrance is £3 for adults and £1 for children (cash only) and, for more information visit Derby College or follow @Broomie the Lamb on Facebook.


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