15 May 2019

Nottingham College Foundation Degree Dance students were given a masterclass by professional dancer and choreographer Noa Mamrud, part of the education team at the renowned Russell Maliphant Dance Company on 8th May, at the College’s Clarendon campus.

Russell Maliphant Company merges techniques from classical and contemporary dance with principals and concepts from bodywork and martial arts. Olive Kane, Education Manager at the Company, said: “We believe in investing in the future of the dance industry by fostering and educating talent and challenging the next generation of movement artists, dancers and choreographers. I hope the students learnt something new from the workshop and enjoyed the experience.”

Malachi Minto, 22, from Bestwood, started on Level 2 Dance at the College. He worked his way up through the levels, and is set to progress to the Theatre Arts BA (Hons) Top-up Degree in Dance this September. He said: “The contemporary workshop was great fun and I gained a better awareness of my body and ways to improve my movement and control. We studied the work of Russell Maliphant in Year 3 so to get the chance to dance with a choreographer from his team was a brilliant experience.”

Lauren Perkins, 20, from The Meadows, said: “It was great to experience something different, and it brought me out of my comfort zone. Noa is an amazing choreographer and I learnt a lot about the use of my bones and muscles; it was really interesting. Eventually I’d love to perform as part of a dance company, so this was a good insight into that world.”

Nottingham College has a range of exciting Music and Performance Shows taking place at its Clarendon campus over the next few weeks. From plays to musical theatre to dance - something for everyone to enjoy! To get your tickets, please contact the Box Office by email at the.boxoffice@nottinghamcollege.ac.uk