29 April 2016

A delegation of emfec members is visiting Strasbourg this week as part of a continued partnership between emfec and the Academie de Strasbourg, supported by Erasmus +.

The delegation consists of staff from Loughborough, Grantham and Leicester colleges specialising in construction and motor vehicle curriculum programmes.

The week-long visit will include visits to local lycées in the Strasbourg area which specialise in vocational education in construction and motor vehicle, and A Level equivalent qualifications in sustainable development.

At each lycée, the UK delegation will meet with experts and students who will demonstrate their current work and share examples of how they achieve best practice.

The delegation will also have the opportunity to learn more about the local education authority in Strasbourg, how the French education system works, and meet with a French college inspector to find out about how their inspections differ from those in the UK.

The ongoing partnership between emfec and the Academie de Strasbourg, renewed earlier this year, has been running for more than 20 years and supports the continuing professional development of local college staff to explore different ways vocational education can be delivered.

Last year, a similar delegation of East Midlands college representatives visited Strasbourg with a focus on the curriculum areas of business and management. A group of French teachers and tutors returned to the East Midlands to visit Leicester, Vision West Nottinghamshire, North Nottinghamshire and Chesterfield colleges.