15 September 2017

This year’s engineering awards ceremony at Chesterfield College highlighted outstanding students and apprentices, who have demonstrated exceptional ability and commitment over the academic year.

Robert Walker, studying our ABC Level 3 Diploma for Fabrication and Welding, won an award for ‘Student of the Year’, and we talked with him about his achievements.

“I feel proud to win the ‘Student of the Year Award’ as I have worked hard to complete the course and my advanced apprenticeship programme over a three year period.

“Whilst studying I have completed extra units both in welding and fabrication specialisms and I have always tried to achieve distinction grades in everything I have completed.”

Julie Richards, Principal and Chief Executive of Chesterfield College Group adds:

“Our award ceremony was truly inspirational. I would like to congratulate everybody who was nominated for an award. I am extremely proud that Chesterfield College Group can help individuals on their educational journey and I thank ABC Awards for their continued support.”

This particular fabrication and welding qualification aims to develop the learner’s skill level and enhances their knowledge to a more highly developed understanding of equipment functions and how materials behave when subjected to the welding process.

Commenting on the qualification, Robert said:

“I have developed my skills in welding using a variety of processes in a variety of welding positions.”

“The qualification also gives you fabrication skills such as reading drawings, measuring, marking out, cutting, forming and assembling which has been of great benefit whilst at work in the work-shop and out on site at various locations.”

Not only did the course allow Robert to develop the skills needed for his job, it improved his communications, ICT and mathematics skills. This is a big help for Roberts path of employment within the industry.

Robert’s tutors, from Chesterfield College, and his work based assessor commented:

“Robert has always been determined to succeed by improving his academic and practical skills and is constantly striving to achieve his goals to the highest standard, completing the ABC Awards at levels 2 and 3 have allowed Robert to develop his skills in multiple welding processes in all positions and produce fabrications to distinction grades.”

Completing the Level 3 Diploma in Fabrication and Welding has allowed Robert to gain confidence, and determination as he tells us about his ambitious career goals:

“I want to become a leader or supervisor within the company and lead projects out on sites around the UK and other countries.”

We wish Robert and other awarded learners all the best for their future careers.

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Or for more information about progression routes from the ABC Awards Level 3 Diploma in Fabrication and Welding please click here.

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