Event Summary


Robins Wood House
Robins Wood Road

Date and Time

Wednesday 24 November 2021 (12:15 - 15:45)


£60.00 (£75.00 non-members)

At a Skills and Education meeting in June which featured Ofsted presentations by two inspectors, participants were assured that the next phase in Ofsted inspections will continue to be sensitive, proportionate and practical in approach. At the same time, Ofsted has a duty to increase assurance of the quality of provision for the benefit of students and stakeholders alike. What does this mean for providers?

There are currently no plans to create a new Education Inspection Framework, even though the way inspections are organised and planned will remain open to review in light of logistical problems created by the pandemic. Indeed, the current EIF methodology, including “deep dives”, has been welcomed by providers for its focus on the quality of education. Reports since the summer have included a focus on how an organisation deals with incidents of sexual harassment, following several disturbing examples of incidents in the sector. There is also a renewed Ofsted interest in how organisations develop learners’ reading skills.

The aim of this event is to renew networking relationships and provide you with an opportunity to share how you are working to maintain the quality of education in these testing times. We know that collaboration is a powerful form of professional development, and our networks are designed to facilitate and encourage peer collaboration. An important part of the session will therefore be a scheduled opportunity to network, learn about colleagues’ successes, hear each other’s ideas and develop solutions to ongoing challenges. Questions for discussion will include:

  • What is your considered approach to curriculum planning? Inspectors will want to know how and why delivery plans have been modified and may continue to be modified as we work to plug the gaps of missed learning opportunities. Practicalities can be understood, but providers will be quizzed on why changes have been made and what impact this has had on learners’ understanding, skills and knowledge retention.
  • Have you identified individual learner starting points and are you measuring progress in relation to these? Providers are expected to show how progress is being assessed. Ofsted is clear that neither attendance nor engagement are guarantees of progress in learning.
  • How do you gather evidence of learning? It is important to be able to evidence how learners are understanding and remembering more as a consequence of the quality of your provision. There is currently a view that there has been an excessive focus on skills development to the detriment of learners’ knowledge and understanding. At the same time, there is a renewed interest in how learners develop reading skills.
  • What are your bespoke strategies for high-needs learners, and those learners who need additional support, both online and in face-to-face delivery?
  • Have you reviewed your safeguarding policies and procedures in light of Ofsted’s findings in relation to sexual harassment?
  • Overall, how can you evidence that your chosen strategies are working in your particular contexts and for your particular learners?

During this networking event, we are delighted to welcome Lyn Bourne, Head of Quality, and Megan Barnes, Quality Improvement Coordinator, from Weymouth College. Weymouth College underwent a pilot inspection during the summer term to support Ofsted with their preparation and planning for the new academic year. It will be particularly useful to learn from colleagues’ experience of recent inspection.

Facilitated by Dr Alison Scott (Lead Professional Development Advisor, Skills and Education Group) and Will Sibley (Training and Development Manager), this event is planned to take place simultaneously, being delivered both in person and via Zoom from our premises at Robins Wood House. Delegates are welcome to join us in person to enjoy a networking lunch at 12:15 prior to the event; alternatively, please feel free to access the event remotely via Zoom once proceedings start at 13:00.

Please note: due to current social distancing guidance, in-person places for this event will be limited.