5 May 2016

Festival of Learning (previously Adult Leaners’ Week) is a national celebration of learning which will, this year, take place during May and June 2016.

Learners, tutors and organisations can all be nominated for Festival of Learning awards, which helps their stories and achievements from learning become more widely recognised and appreciated. The only way that Festival of Learning can shine a light on learners, tutors and organisations is by receiving your nominations, so you are urged to get involved in order that people and organisations should be recognised and rewarded for their efforts and achievements.

Learning has played a huge role in helping many people transform their lives for the better, and winning a Festival of Learning award is not only a way of celebrating success stories of people and organisations, but it also comes as an inspiration and motivation for other learners, tutors, organisations and people considering returning to learning.

Nominations for the awards close at 5pm on Friday 20 May 2016. All nominations can be submitted online. For further information about how to become a nominator, please click here.

Festival of Learning is also promoting “Have a Go” learning events, hosted nationally by colleges, local authorities, clubs and more. The “Have a Go” events are taking place in May and June and consist of activities and taster sessions.

Some of these sessions will be activity based, where people can go to develop skills and explore new hobbies. Learners and tutors are also given the opportunity to take part in taster sessions, during which they can explore job roles and responsibilities in areas they feel are of interest to them, so that they can get a feel for that sector and get a taste of what those jobs may include. This then helps them to judge whether they are suited to that working environment and whether they feel they could pursue a career in that chosen area.

Colleges and training providers can contribute to the “Have a Go” learning events by hosting their own events, which can be added to the Festival of Learning website. To find out more information about running your own event, please click here.

Festival of Learning has inspired many other adult learning celebrations across the world. Through the remarkable and inspiring stories that the Festival of Learning receives, it recognises that the benefits of learning stretch much further than just the learner, and that learning can have a positive impact on families of learners, the communities they belong to and their workplaces.

Festival of Learning encourages adults to consider re-engaging with learning, and state that now is the best time to showcase how adult learning benefits society and the economy.

To find out more information about Festival of Learning, including how to get involved with an event or how to nominate someone for an award, please click here.