19 October 2020

In the current difficult circumstances in the education sector and wider society, all of us working in further education are under even more pressure than usual. At the Skills and Education Group, we are therefore doubly focused on providing you with an engaging and supportive professional development programme. The events available to you are a chance to gain refreshing new ideas, learn from experts in the sector, and network with peers from other organisations.

In November, we have a varied line-up of events to suit a wide range of roles. We will be covering broad areas such as wellbeing and EDI, alongside more role-specific sessions focusing on assessment, Initial Teacher Education, and work-based learning.

Gain new strategies to support your assessment and self-assessment

Following successful online events earlier in the term, we are pleased to welcome back Tony Davis, former Ofsted HMI and founder of the Centre for Creative Quality Improvement (CCQI), for two more sessions in November.

The first of these sessions, Implementing an Effective Self-assessment Strategy, will be Tony’s final workshop in his popular series on effective SAR writing. This time, Tony will focus on the traps that organisations can fall into by simply completing SAR processes as they always have done, and will share with you a brand new strategy.

The second of Tony’s sessions will be on the theme of Assessment and the Art of Lazy Teaching – an approach to assessment that puts the onus on your learners to work differently, rather than you, the teacher, having to work harder!

The session will introduce you to a variety of formative assessment strategies to improve your learners’ ability to assess themselves, making your life much easier. Tony will share with you his renowned ’50 Shades of Assessment’ resource, which will provide you a range of assessment strategies for different types of lesson.

New framework, new approach?

Those of you who deliver post-compulsory education can also look forward to our next Initial Teacher Education Network on 17 November. You will have the opportunity to discuss Ofsted’s new Initial Teacher Education Framework with other delegates and what it means for your provision.

You will also have the chance to hear from Helena West, Programme Leader for Teacher Education at Leicester College, who will share her expertise on behaviour management and her thoughts on the new framework’s focus on this. In addition, Dan Williams, Programme Lead and Lecturer for Post-14 Initial Teacher Education at Derby University, will lead discussions relating to the opportunities and challenges currently facing Post-16 Initial Teacher Education, and what the future holds for teacher educators in the sector.

Other events to look forward to

In addition to the above, there are several other events in November that may interest you. We have our termly mental health and wellbeing event, and also the return of our EDI and Work-based Learning networks. Later in the month, there is the opportunity for you to receive an update from Ofsted, and don’t forget that our next TeachMeet is on 27 November, this time with a focus on inclusivity.

You can browse all of our upcoming events here. If you have any ideas for future events that you would like us to cover, or have any questions about our events, please contact Karen Plowman, Head of Professional Development.