8 February 2018

Friday 2 March, 2018, 9:30am – 4:00pm £99.00 with lunch and refreshments.

Planning the student journey has always been important, and the transition from one stage of education to another has often been seen as a ‘rite of passage’, but will the new approach reduce a student’s ability to adapt to change and new environments?

Safeguarding, the prevent duty, mental health, the ‘obesity epidemic’, developing employability skills including work based digital skills, independence, improving knowledge and understanding of LGBT+ and diversity and developing resilience are all areas that now fall into the job description for those working in education. The increasing expectations on the education sector to nurture the whole student will be a focus in 2018.

How do we approach this?

Our learners are faced with many challenges: at home, in their studies and/or in the workplace, so it is not surprising that Ofsted is concerned to identify how we develop learners’ personal behaviours and ensure their welfare. This special day workshop will focus on ideas to develop the necessary resilience in our young people to withstand life’s pressures, enjoy their work and lead successful lives.

The day is in two parts. The morning session will be facilitated by Alison Scott (Lead emfec Associate) and will focus on the possible reasons why increasing numbers of learners are presenting with coping difficulties. Delegates will be encouraged to share their current approaches to developing learners’ resilience, followed by a presentation and practice exercises involving the application of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) techniques to help your students achieve more positive outcomes.

The second part of the day will be facilitated by Jo Shirley (Head of Professional Development) who will tackle the issue of how to develop resilience in young people. The afternoon session will focus on helping young people develop strategies to be more resilient by introducing the 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens (Sean Covey) and how teaching young people these habits can help guide and encourage teens through the “game of life”. The habits teach how to set goals, get organised, prioritise, make good decisions and most of all help build good character.

This event is aimed at Curriculum and Quality Managers, Practitioners, Assessors, Student Support and Student Engagement staff.

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