31 May 2018

Most of us know the huge benefits that vocational training can bring to learners, to businesses and employability figures alike – much of which centres around providing practical work based experience to trainees that can often lead to a smooth transition into sustainable employment.

However, with a real emphasis on acquiring practical work based skills, such courses – many of which are ever popular apprenticeships – can neglect to provide learners with a core base of useful universal day to day knowledge that will serve them well in their vocational course and beyond.

Well, in conjunction with the Education and Training Foundation, we have developed an invaluable solution to this, through an exciting new special project aptly named Shaping Success in Maths and English.

emfec (part of the Skills and Education Group) is one of three delivery partners who have recently been contracted by the Education and Training Foundation to re-shape and revamp the current Maths and English Pipeline offer. In particular, part of the offer is for us to deliver courses like the Vocational Revitaliser: practical strategies for supporting Maths and English in vocational learning across the East and West Midlands and the Eastern region.

So, if you or any of your colleagues feel that you would benefit from acquiring tailored skills and experience to help learners in vocational study programmes: there are currently three “open courses” being delivered within our regions during June and July (21st June at Bury St Edmunds, 27th June at Rugby and 4th July in Nottingham) which are now available for booking via the following link: https://booking.etfoundation.co.uk/course/details/354 , where you can also find out more information about what we can offer you.

What is the point and rationale behind it all?

Improving outcomes in Maths and English for learners remains high on the agenda to ensure success in work and life – with Maths and English being at the heart of teaching approaches and employers requiring a workforce who are competent in application of numeracy and literacy.

Maths and English (joint) vocational revitalisers are one-day, blended programmes that introduce techniques which vocational practitioners can use to develop their learners’ confidence and abilities in Maths and English.

By doing things in a different way, practitioners can help learners improve their Maths and English, at the same time as developing vocational skills. Courses are either contextualised to specific areas, or open context for practitioners from a range of contexts.

What does this mean to you?

If you are responsible for teaching students on vocational courses and would like to know how you can enable them to acquire invaluable Maths and English skills in the most effective way, we can definitely help you at the Skills and Education Group!

The open courses have especially designed to meet the needs of further and higher education providers, as well as practitioners within the skills sector.

Our new re-vamped Shaping Success Pipeline offer includes:

  • techniques to develop Mathematical and English resilience by developing positive attitudes and perseverance
  • the development of coaching strategies to support Maths and English
  • how to engage and motivate learners in Maths and English
  • transforming assessment and tracking in Maths and English
  • meeting learners’ needs through effective assessment for learning in Maths and English
  • progressing learners from level 1 to 2 in Maths and English
  • lesson observations and learning walks: improving Maths and English
  • a deeper approach to Maths and English across a vocational programme

You can rest assured that you will be in safe hands as specialist Maths and English Personal Development Leads have been specially recruited by emfec project team to ensure high quality and consistency of delivery across their targeted regions – East Midlands, West Midlands and Eastern region in line with the national offer.

The statistics speak for themselves!

Since the Shaping Success in Maths and English project began, over 4,000 practitioners have completed the Education and Training Foundation courses geared towards improving their teaching practices in Maths and English and have seen successful results with their learners.

For further information, please contact Jo Shirley, Head of Professional Development at jos@emfec.co.uk.

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