10 February 2016

International Development Secretary Justine Greening visited Loughborough College fresh from a historic London summit which saw a record breaking amount raised for the world’s biggest humanitarian crisis.

Greening, who has been voted as one of the UK’s 100 most powerful women, was joined by Education Secretary and Loughborough MP Nicky Morgan at the college to discuss the vital work of her government department with public services students.

The Secretary of State described to the students studying for their BA (Hons) and for BTEC at Loughborough College how only the day before in London, the Support Syrians conference saw more than $10 billion pledged in aid, the largest amount ever raised in a single day for a humanitarian crisis, and explained the vital work carried out by Britain during the Ebola crisis.

“Many of you hope to join the services which play a key role internationally. The organisation required for action on this scale is vast and vital and often means the difference between life and death. We need to constantly be looking at new and effective ways to reach and support people in crisis. You can be part of that. You are the fresh thinkers who have the chance to change people’s lives.”

Speaking following her visit to Loughborough College, Justine Greening said:

“Britain is a world-leader when it comes to responding to humanitarian crises. Go to crisis zones around the world and you will find dedicated young British men and women using their expertise to save lives and help recovery efforts. That’s something we can be incredibly proud of.

“It was fantastic to come to Loughborough College and talk with students on the public services courses about the UK’s role in this field. I was impressed by the questions they asked about the complex and difficult global issues we are facing, including the situation in Syria and the surrounding region.

“I’m very grateful to Nicky for inviting me to Loughborough, and to the college and to the students for a really good discussion.”

Nicky Morgan added:

“I was delighted I was able to invite Justine to speak to the public services students at Loughborough College. After I spoke to the students a few months ago and knew they would have excellent questions for her about Syria and humanitarian assistance – and they did. Justine was delighted to meet them all.”

Loughborough College has a long-standing reputation for providing excellent results and supports more than 11,000 students on A-level, apprenticeship and degree programmes.