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Subcontracted with Competitive Rates of Pay


31 October 2021


An external moderator plays a crucial role in ensuring the quality of Skills and Education Group Access to HE provision.  They are required to confirm the achievement of a student’s credit and grade profile leading to an Access to HE Diploma, and to contribute to the continuous improvement of Access to HE courses.

Skills and Education Group Access requires external moderators to follow principles and procedures as identified within the Access Validating Agency (AVA) Licence from the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA). Skills and Education Group Access will offer all external moderators training, mentoring, advice and support.

If you apply to become an external moderator, your appointment will be subject to the approval by Skills and Education Group Access to HE Committee.

All external moderators are required to attend training provided by Skills and Education Group Access during the academic year. Dates for training are disseminated before the start of the academic year. It is likely that you will not be offered work if you are not able to attend training events.

We are currently recruiting external moderators in respect of the following Access to HE Diplomas:

  • Health Science Professions
  • Science
  • Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Creative Industries
  • Law, Criminal Justice and Policing
  • Sport
  • Early years
  • Medicine
  • Clothing and Textiles Manufacturing
  • Land based – Animal Management

Criteria for External Moderators

All external moderators will:

  • have achieved at least a Level 6 undergraduate degree in a relevant subject
  • have relevant experience in adult, further or higher education
  • have relevant and current subject knowledge of their area(s) of moderation responsibility
  • be qualified and/or experienced in teaching subject area(s) that they are allocated to, at a level at, or beyond that at which the subject has been taught and assessed
  • work with other external and subject moderators allocated to a course so that sufficient expert moderation at subject level is evidenced
  • be external to the provider/centre that they are allocated to
  • not hold a position related to making offers in any receiving Higher Education Institution, the nature of which could create a conflict of interest of student progression opportunities
  • have experience of contributing to quality processes
  • act on a basis of professional trust as a peer advisor to the Access to HE team, with a rigorous but supportive approach
  • be committed to equality and diversity opportunities and to the progression of all students.

Skills and Education Group Access will ensure that external moderators:

  • are appointed by and are directly responsible to Skills and Education Group Access
  • are appointed to an individual course for normally no longer than four years
  • receive a contract that is between Skills and Education Group Access and the external moderator that sets out an external moderator’s specific duties and terms of service as well as the criteria and process for termination of a moderator’s employment
  • are allocated more than one course where possible to enable the comparison of standards and judgements across courses
  • receive a planned programme of mandatory induction and training and receive written guidance to support their duties
  • receive feedback on their performance
  • receive routine updates from Skills and Education Group Access relating to Access to HE regulation.

To apply for this role please complete the application form and submit with your CV to accesstohe@skillsedugroup.co.uk. You can also use this email address to request further details, or call us on 01924 434601 and we will be happy to assist you.