4 July 2017

A business created by two Loughborough College students which was named as 2017 national Young Enterprise winner joined a 15 nation line up for the European finals in Helsinki – winning support from the British Embassy and a personal invitation to a future NFL game.

After scooping the UK Young Enterprise Start-Up Company of the Year title with 3-Six Sports Harry Rudkin and Jonah Boyce arrived in Finland to compete against 18 student companies and to face a judging panel of leading international industry figures, including from Microsoft, Hitachi, Nexus Consulting and Sports 1 Marketing.

The 22 year old pair, who are studying for their BSc in Sports Science with Management at Loughborough College, were challenged to showcase their product The Stud Master, a durable universal tool to efficiently and safely attach and remove sport boot studs, with a major onstage arena presentation to assembled delegates as well as to design and create a stand for a trade fair at Helsinki’s busiest shopping centre, which receives 10,000 visitors daily.

Amongst the influential visitors Harry and Jonah welcomed to their stand was Richard Shackleton, Deputy Head of the British Embassy in Finland, who arrived to offer his personal support.

Iqbal Ullah, who heads the Foundation Degree in Business Management at Loughborough College and was joined by the College’s Head of Higher Education Chris Cockerton in Finland, said:

“The event in Helsinki was fantastic and all of us who were there to support Harry and Jonah were proud to be representing Loughborough College and Young Enterprise U.K.,”

“The level of competition was extremely high with entries from students studying marine biology, electrical and mechanical engineering and information technology, to name only a few of the specialisms.

“Harry and Jonah presented themselves exceptionally well and delivered their presentation to an audience of competitors and judges with utmost confidence.  In fact, they approached every task with a calm determination and self-assured confidence which made us extremely proud.

“Harry and Jonah were thrilled when Richard Shackleton arrived to lend his personal support on behalf of the British Embassy. Then following the finale David Meltzer, who is Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of the world-renowned Sports 1 Marketing, approached them to invite Harry and Jonah to join him at one of the forthcoming NFL games set to be held in London later this year – indicating that he may be able to offer them some support and guidance for the future of 3-Six Sports.

“Because of the high standards we set ourselves we were disappointed not to have achieved formal recognition in the form of awards but Harry and Jonah clearly made some key impressions with some very influential people. With 3-Six Sports Harry and Jonah are the UK’s 2017 Start-Up Young Enterprise champions and Loughborough College are extremely proud of their achievements.

“This was an exceptional experience for all of us. We saw excitement, relief, joy, success and pride. The event was a great combination of young and talented stars, highly engaged partners and an awesome network with great passion for working for the future.

“We have learnt so much which we can take forward for our emerging College entrepreneurs. Roll on next year.”

Pictured: (left to right) Loughborough College degree students Jonah Boyce and Harry Rudkin of 3-Six Sports with Richard Shackleton, Deputy Head of the British Embassy in Finland during the European finals in Helsinki

For more information contact Elizabeth Udall, Communications Consultant, Loughborough College on 07515 852690 or elizabethudall1@gmail.com

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