20 November 2019

A Loughborough College engineering technician, whose films have already  received  more than 100 accolades from across the world, has been telling students about his road to success – and his latest multiple-award win.

Less than a month after its premiere, Keith Large producer of The Champ of Champs, has already been named as winner in competitions in New York, Los Angeles and Europe. 

The Champ of Champs is a tribute to Steve Ward, a three-time Guinness World Record holder as the oldest active professional boxer and is Keith’s first documentary. “Steve has been boxing for 54 years and his story of struggle and triumph is an inspiration to us all.”

Loughborough College performing arts students have been hearing about the journey from poetry, plays, screen writing and producing, which has seen Keith achieve global recognition for his fictional shorts, A Date with Shillelagh and A Guilty Bunch of Flowers. This includes an invitation to walk the red carpet at the historic Raleigh Studios for the Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film Festival’s annual awards ceremony in 2020. 

After College students and staff featured amongst the cast in previous films, and with public services student Harry Avery making an appearance in the documentary, performing arts students are hoping they will receive an invitation to get involved with Keith’s next creation.

The Champ of Champs has so far scooped five awards at The Royal Wolf Film Awards in Los Angeles, including Best Producer for Keith. The New York Film Awards, The Festigious Los Angeles Film Festival and the Top Shorts Film Festival all named The Champ of Champs as Best Short Documentary, with Keith receiving the Best Producer award at the Onirors Film Awards in Italy. The Champ of Champs also took the ‘Best Feature Documentary of the Month’ title in the CKF International Film Festival Awards, placing it in the running for their prestigious annual awards. Lastly the Mindfield Film Festival Albuquerque has given it no fewer than four Diamond Awards, including for Best Short Documentary.

Keith is not the only talent being recognised by the industry. The editor of The Champ of Champs, Patryk Czekalski, is second Assistant Editor on the new six-part BBC One drama Drama Gold Digger.

Watch the trailer for The
Champ of Champs here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K0dxtmSZlSQ

Pictured: Loughborough College’s Keith Large with performing arts students

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