20 August 2015

Student Jasmine Edwards was accompanied by her four children as she picked up her GCSE results at the Leek Campus of Buxton and Leek College.

Jasmine, 33, returned to the classroom determined “to better herself” after leaving school without qualifications. And she was delighted to pick up GCSE passes in both maths and English – which will enable her to go on to study for qualifications in health and social care.

[caption id="attachment_215" align="alignleft" width="180"]Mum of four makes grades (image courtesy BLC) Jasmine with her four children collecting her Maths GCSE[/caption]

Mum to four children aged from three to 11, Jasmine is employed as a care support worker at the Daisy Haye retirement complex in Leek and, now she’s got the bug for learning, aims to enrol for her BTEC Level 2 qualification in health and social care. She said:

“I am most pleased about my maths in which I’ve got a grade C. I didn’t really get the most out of my education when I was in high school but, as a mum, I’m determined to better myself.

“Now I’ve passed these exams I’m going to enrol for more qualifications and hope, eventually, to get my Level 3 in health and social care. Who knows, I might go on to study to become a social worker?”

Gill King, who teaches maths at the college, said: “I love teaching mature students like Jasmine because they have work experience and have a very good influence on the younger members of the class.

“I admire their determination because I think that working while running a home and bringing up a family on top of studying can be very hard.”

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