17 November 2016

North Lindsey College is delighted to be collaborating with Jacobs, a diverse provider of full-spectrum technical, professional and construction services. Since June 2016, the arrangement has led to six new apprentices starting highly sought-after careers with Jacobs.

With their personal protective equipment (PPE) in hand, these future engineers are keen to start their careers by embarking on a four-year apprenticeship programme with the global company.

Commenting on the candidate selection process, Jacobs Training and Development Manager Mick Heatlie stated:

“We look for enthusiasm. If they have the commitment, everything else can be taught. There are great skills development and career advancement opportunities for the apprentices within Jacobs. We look forward to collaborating with North Lindsey College as we work together to develop the next generation of engineers.”

The new apprentices will spend their first year based at the British Steel Training Centre in Scunthorpe. In addition, the apprentices will train alongside other apprentices from Future Biogas, J W Joyce Engineering, Humber Electrical and NHS at the training centre. During the second and third year, the students will work with Jacobs’ skilled workforce, further developing the practical skills they have learned. The fourth year will be spent as an ‘improvership’ year which combines on-the-job training with classroom instruction.

North Lindsey College had over 500 engineering students enrolled in 2016‒2017 as a result of students seeking out exciting career opportunities associated with an engineering profession, particularly in the renewable energy sector that anticipates substantial job creation over the next few years.  In recognising the workforce shortage in the engineering sector in the Humber region, North Lindsey College works with numerous engineering businesses in and around the south bank to address this skills gap.

With many major projects in and around the Humber region, there is a growing need for skilled engineers in the area. According to Engineering UK, there will be 2.56 million job openings in engineering companies in the UK by 2022. This need has been brought on by an ageing workforce approaching retirement, the emerging east coast off-shore wind farms, and an increase in development along the Humber.

Jacobs’ UK and Europe Field Services division based in Grimsby provides career opportunities in design, construction, commissioning and maintenance services, including in the areas of mechanical, processing, instrumentation, electrical, structural and civil work.

The collaboration with North Lindsey College is providing many benefits, according to Heatlie:

“At the British Steel Training Centre, the apprentices are working in a similar environment to what they’ll experience working on future projects. As soon as they walk through the door, there is guidance to follow. British Steel is a different learning environment to college, which means the apprentices are already accustomed to a working environment when they join us. This environment engages them in the industry from the start.”

Michael Pendred, Jacobs apprentice, said:

“It’s opened my eyes to what’s out there. I’m really lucky to have got the apprenticeship and be working with such a good group of people. I’ve grown life skills since starting this job.”

“It’s a massive step from school, being on site. It’s a lot different to being in a classroom, as it is practical and hands-on. I’ve learnt so much from the other engineers we work alongside, and this has really developed my learning.”

North Lindsey College is the largest provider of post-16 education and training in North Lincolnshire, offering a wide range of further education programmes, both vocational and academic, and apprenticeship courses at a range of levels.

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