29 April 2016

Centres offering our Level 2 qualifications in fabrication and welding can now take advantage of the online examination for the Science and Calculation Unit.

The Level 2 Science and Calculations for Fabrication and Welding Practice unit is a compulsory unit for the Level 2 Certificate qualifications and also an optional unit for the Level 2 Award. Centres and learners will now have easy access to an online exam using BTL Surpass, a market-leading assessment system, with on-demand assessment.

Overall, the unit is assessed in two ways. A workbook produced by ABC Awards, available to download online, provides evidence of achievement and is internally assessed and quality assured. The online exam unit is a mandatory multiple-choice test confirming the learner’s knowledge and understanding of the unit content, and determines their grade.

The Science and Calculation Unit is an essential part of meeting industry standards, as it shows learners’ knowledge of basic mathematics, welding symbols, quality control and technology in an industrial context.

When reviewing the ways we deliver our qualifications, ABC Awards’ Qualifications Development team often discuss potential changes with some of our Centres, and our fabrication and welding qualifications have been developed with the support of Chesterfield College.

As an ABC Awards Showcase Centre for Fabrication and Welding, Chesterfield College offers our full range of fabrication and welding qualifications from Level 1 to Level 3. They regularly advise other Centres on the best methods of delivery and we supported them in developing flexible qualifications which are recognised to industry standards.

When we asked Ray Peet, Deputy Head of Learning Advanced Technologies at Chesterfield College, what he thought to the new online examination, he said:

“This online exam is beneficial to learners as testing in an online environment, can be a lot more interactive than traditional paper and pen tests.”

“Online testing automatically grades student responses, saving time and providing more immediate feedback to Centres and learners.”

ABC Awards’ fabrication and welding qualifications have been developed with SEMTA to meet the needs of Level 2 learners, particularly those taking the Level 2 Certificate as part of the Intermediate Apprenticeship Framework.

The Level 2 Certificate in Fabrication and Welding also has two progression routes, with the opportunity for learners to take a mixed fabrication and welding pathway or to focus more specifically on welding practice. For further information regarding our fabrication and welding qualifications please visit our website, or contact our Centre Support team on 0115 854 1620.