3 August 2015

UCAS are launching a new tariff system for qualifications. The new UCAS tariff will be used for courses starting from September 2017 and for anyone applying in 2016/17. The new Tariff points are based on a revised approach which uses a qualification’s size and grade to calculate the total tariff points.

 All qualifications that are currently on the UCAS Tariff will continue to attract points under the new system. Qualifications that do not attract UCAS points may still be used in applications to universities as they may provide an appropriate entry route.

Going forward, under the new tariff system, the addition of new qualifications to the tariff tables will be led by Higher Education Providers(HEPs).

If Centres want to nominate qualifications then there is an email address to send these nominations to qualsinfo@ucas.ac.uk. The nominations process for qualifications to be added to the Tariff is open until 30 September for this first year.

We would be delighted to hear from you if you would like to nominate any of our qualifications or if we can help and support in any way, please do contact us on 0115 854 1315 or via email.

At the end of September UCAS will provide a list of nominated qualifications to HEPs who will review and provide feedback on the proposed list. Information from all HEPs will be collated and considered. An updated list of qualifications on the Tariff and any changes will be published in May 2016.

Further detail and information about the new tariff and process can be found here.