13 February 2018

This network meeting continues the theme of moving to outstanding teaching and learning practice by focusing on how to maximise the benefits of collaboration. Dr Alison Scott (emfec Lead Associate) will facilitate and start the session by sharing relevant findings from her doctoral research into effective professional development.

Recent meetings at emfec of the Leading Improvements in Learning and Teaching (LILT) Network, coupled with the dynamic project activity instigated by our ETF-funded Professional Exchange Networks (in December and January of this year) have identified a great deal of interest in the region in alternatives to the often demoralising and increasingly discredited practice of grading teachers’ lessons according to a crude 4-point scale.

A Move to ‘Outstanding’

It is no coincidence that colleges such as Dudley College of Technology who recently achieved the accolade of ‘Outstanding’ have been busy working on alternative ways of improving teachers’ morale and skills in order to develop the quality of teaching, learning and assessment.

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Nearer to home, Derby College has been developing its own approach to transforming teaching, learning and assessment. emfec is delighted to welcome Aaron Denton (Learning, Teaching and Assessment Manager, Derby College). Aaron will explain the rationale and the actions arising from the new college strapline: ‘Empowering Professionals’. Examples will be shared of how the approach is rejuvenating practice, as staff involve themselves in three core activities: collaboration, experimentation and reflection.

The following questions will be addressed:

  • What is the evidence base for the use of collaborative methods?
  • Why is organisational culture, senior leadership and middle management so key to the success of collaborative approaches?

The various ways collaboration can take will be discussed and ways of demonstrating how collaboration has led to improvement.

As with all emfec’s networks, we start with a relaxed networking lunch; and you can be sure the meeting will provide you with an opportunity to meet with likeminded staff who are passionate about leading and improving teaching and learning in the sector.

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