24 March 2017

This month we saw eight East Midlands Colleges taking part in the Prepare East Midlands Skills Competitions, with 45 full time students competing against each other to win in the categories of bricklaying, carpentry and plumbing.

There were various industry judges from companies such as Worcester Bosch Plumbing, G&N Builders and JT Ward Joinery. It was certainly a challenging day for all of the competitors, and decision making was tough for the judges as skills levels were excellent.

Gary McPartland, Director of Learning, at New College Stamford stated:

“The atmosphere in the workshops set competition levels high; all students did a remarkable job in demonstrating their skills at all levels.”

One of the judges, James Manning from Prince Energy, was so impressed with the winner of the plumbing category, Ashley Brown-Calderbank, (New College Stamford), that he offered him a full time apprenticeship, which is a fantastic stepping stone towards his career in plumbing.

We would like to congratulate all learners that participated in Prepare East Midlands Skills Competitions. We wish all learners the very best for their future careers.

Find out below who were the winners are of each category.

Level 1 Bricklaying

  • 1st place Tristan from Boston College
  • 2nd place Ned from Newark College
  • 3rd place Morgan from Newark College

Level 2 Bricklaying

  • 1st place Alex from Moulton College
  • 2nd  place Aaran from Boston College
  • 3rd place Charlie from Grantham College

Plumbing all levels

  • 1st place Ashley from New College Stamford
  • 2nd place Harry from New College Stamford
  • 3rd  place Kayleigh from New College Stamford

Carpentry and Joinery New entrant

  • 1st place Craig from Grantham College
  • 2nd place Ryan from New College Stamford
  • 3rd place Scott from Lincoln College 

Carpentry and Joinery Level 2

  • 1st place Tom from Grantham College
  • 2nd place Martin from Grantham College
  • 3rd place Jack from Grantham College

The following colleges participated in Prepare East Midlands Skills Competitions:

  • Stephenson College
  • Boston College
  • Grantham College
  • Leicester College
  • New College Stamford
  • Lincoln College
  • Newark College
  • Moulton College

The competitions were judged by:

  • Neil Rumbold, Worcester Bosch Plumbing
  • Alex Powell, Larkfleet Construction
  • Tony Forthgill, Worcester Bosch Plumbing
  • Martin Ward, JT Ward Joinery
  • Prince Energy, James Manning
  • Milne Joinery, Emily Craig-Tyler
  • Stephen Gurney, G&N Builders.


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