12 December 2019

Space engineers from Loughborough College have been playing their part in history by helping scientists take a step closer to discovering if there is life on Mars.

Vedansh Bakrania and Kieran Bujdorso were given the opportunity to join researchers at the University of Leicester to work on a new, cutting-edge facility set to handle samples returned from the red planet.

The duo, who study on Loughborough College’s pioneering programme in association with the National Space Academy, were supporting the development of a double-walled isolator which will house a range of instruments and enable close analysis of materials brought back from future missions – a key element in discovering if there is indeed life on Mars.

“It makes me feel inspired,” said Vedansh. “There is so much going on right now and to be a part of it is really quite cool.”

Loughborough College Advanced Technology and Manufacturing curriculum manager Ndumiso Nsingo added: “This was a fantastic opportunity for our space engineering students to gain first-hand experience, knowledge and skills in a real-world environment at the highest level – and of course to play an exciting part in history.”

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