13 June 2017

Photography student, Ieuan Williams, a former Arthur Mellows College pupil, is set to begin his university studies at Falmouth University to study Marine and Natural History Photography in September.

Ieuan will have the privilege of having Sir David Attenborough as one of his lecturers, and Attenborough’s photographer/cameraman Doug Allan, both renowned for their outstanding BBC Planet Earth series.

In addition, a number of ex ITV or BBC photographers and cameramen lecture the course, highlighting the level of industry expertise Ieuan will be able to gain during his university studies.

Ieuan said:

“Having worked up an extensive portfolio through college projects and gaining additional experience on the side of my studies, such as a Photographer for Peterborough Council’s advertising, I have been able to build up and showcase my talents, to get me where I am today.

“Before starting my photography course at New College Stamford, I did not even have the intention to go to university, but thanks to the knowledge and level of skill I acquired during my course, I have well and truly developed my confidence and affinity for the industry, so now I am fully prepared to take my next steps into university life.”

Ieuan aspires to work at the BBC as a Videographer and Photographer, and will have the chance to chase his dream and flourish his creative skills even further.

Ieuan continued:

“Lecturer of Photography, Mike Pickering has been brilliant in teaching the ins and outs of photography. Without the support from Mike, I would not have had the opportunity to progress onto a university course.”

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