31 March 2016

Scott Levers, age 18, a student on the Peter Jones Enterprise Academy course at Chesterfield College has made quite an impression at the Peter Jones Foundation and with the British Council.

They were so impressed with his work in a local business and his approach to developing his entrepreneurial skills that they invited him to speak to delegates in Thailand about the importance of entrepreneurship in vocational education.

This week, Scott and one other UK student from Leicester are presenting to 150 directors and senior practitioners, teachers and students from Thai vocational colleges in Bangkok as part of a seminar organised jointly by the British Council Thailand and the Office of Vocational Education designed to help share best practice about developing, encouraging and enabling entrepreneurial attitudes, skills and knowledge.

Before Scott flew off to Thailand he told us how the course and his experiences working in a developing wholesale jewellery business creating a sales and marketing database was a real bonus to help him develop his business acumen.

He said:

“Doing a vocational course like the one the Peter Jones Enterprise Academy offers allows you to test your own ideas and gives you the ability to try out the theory in a practical situation. Learning in this way helps you to develop logic and reasoning which is so important in business.

“It’s a huge honour to be asked to go to Thailand. I am looking forward to learning more about doing business in different cultures from the Thai students and bringing back new ideas. I hope that this experience will help me during the rest of my course and in my business career.”