17 June 2016

Local MPs Nic Dakin and Andrew Percy visited North Lindsey College this week to give students some advice regarding this key national referendum.

The students were delighted to be given the opportunity to discuss and find out more information from local political leaders.  They welcomed the chance to listen to what both the MPs had to say in order to help them make their decision as to whether Britain should leave or remain a part of the EU.

The event presented the perfect opportunity to consider the four fundamental British values within the context of the issues surrounding membership of the EU; democracy, rule of law, freedom of speech and respect and tolerance for difference.

The two MPs each presented the facts for either side of the debate.  Nic Dakin MP represented the Remain campaign, whilst Andrew Percy MP represented the Leave campaign. The opportunity was also available to question these local political leaders regarding a key decision for our country.

Robert Marvell, 18, a sport and uniformed services student said:

“The event went really well and now those who did not know what to do have had that opportunity to ask questions to help them make their decision.”

Nic Dakin MP said:

“North Lindsey College is excellent for hosting an event like this to show the importance with the referendum just around the corner.  The questions were of a great quality from the students and the staff.”

Nazmeen Jauforally, 37, a social sciences student added:

“I thought the event was really good and I found the information very helpful, in particular as I am undecided whether to vote Remain or Leave.”

Andrew Percy MP said:

“Congratulations to the college for organising this debate and I hope that the questions that have been answered helped students and staff make informed decisions.”

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