12 May 2016

Truro and Penwith College, ABC Awards Showcase Centre for Art, Design and Creative Industries, took learners to Barcelona this term to find inspiration in the city’s art and architecture.

Currently engaged in their Personal Confirmatory projects, which involves planning and executing a personal project, many of the Foundation Diploma in Art and Design learners have been able to incorporate drawings and photographs from the visit into their current work.

As part of the project, the learners are currently preparing to exhibit a body of their own work, and the college has an art show planned at Lemon Quay in Truro in just a couple of weeks’ time which will showcase the work of students from across the faculty.

One learner who visited Barcelona, Leah, said:

“Visiting Barcelona was an amazing experience. I loved the food and the culture and really enjoyed being able to indulge in the art. I was particularly drawn to The Tàpies [Antonio Tàpies] and found his work incredibly inspiring and loved the mix of traditional and modern architecture. I also found the city itself beautiful, with the seamless mesh of contemporary and old structures”.

Paula Whitbread-Roberts, Course Coordinator for the ABC Awards Level 3 Foundation Diploma in Art, Design and Media, added:

“Our students made full use of their time, exploring every avenue, and were totally inspired by the work of so many artists. For one of our students, this was a first visit abroad and she was totally in awe of the experience.”

The successful study visit to Barcelona is just one example of how the college inspires its learners to develop their skills and identify a strong personal direction by exploring other artists and designers. The group of learners also included three current A Level students, who will be joining the Foundation Diploma at Truro and Penwith in September.

One of the reasons Truro and Penwith College was awarded ABC Awards Showcase Centre status is the college’s commitment to support students to progress in their creative careers.

The high standards and learner progression opportunities demonstrated in their art and design faculty is clearly replicated across the wider college, as Truro and Penwith have recently received a well-deserved “Outstanding” Ofsted inspection.

Not only does the college have an excellent record of their learners progressing on to higher education from the Foundation Level qualifications, but staff also work closely with local schools to inspire GCSE students and current A Level students who are looking to study art and design further.

Most recently, a group of Year 9 and 10 learners took part in practical workshops within the ABC Awards Foundation Diploma in Art, Design and Media at the college’s Tregye campus and had the chance to meet some of the current learners, who gave them an insight into the many specialisms available to them.

Maxine Whitbread-Abrutat, Head of Art at Poltair School, said:

“The Tregye campus is based in a beautiful setting, with the grounds full of flowering rhododendrons and bluebells. The Ginkgo building is a fabulous space full of specialist studios with a really great working atmosphere - a perfect environment for artists and designers to study.

“Our students are already working towards their GCSE qualifications in art and design, and in photography, and all are interested in having future careers within the arts and creative industries.

“This day’s experience gave them an opportunity to gain a taste of what is on offer at Foundation Level and how further education differs from secondary.”

At ABC Awards, more and more of our Centres are recognising the flexibility of offering our Level 1 and Level 2 Certificates in Art, Design and Creative Studies, Ofqual-regulated qualifications which focus on developing personal creativity in one or more areas of art and design.

The qualifications are a solid grounding for learners who may want to progress onto the Foundation Level qualifications, as they will begin to understand the importance of visual language, techniques, processes, and find their individual strengths and styles while working at Level 1 and then at Level 2.

The qualifications are suitable for all ages and abilities, with many schools as well as local community projects and hospital units recognising the benefits of being able to offer one qualification structure for a range of different pathways, including for example fine art, graphics, jewellery making, leather work, ceramics and textiles.

To find out more about our art and design offer, from Level 1 up to Level 4, please visit our website or contact a member of our team by calling 0115 854 1620 or emailing centresupport@abcawards.co.uk.