9 March 2017

ABC Awards Showcase Centre, Fashion Enter, takes on many apprentices and sees them develop into ‘industry ready’ learners. We talk with Irza Shafique who started her Garment Technologist apprenticeship programme in September 2016, and has learnt so much already.

Irza decided to do an apprenticeship because she felt that the experience you gain is something that can’t be studied at university, and getting a greater understanding of how to communicate with clients and colleagues on a professional level is a great skill to have when put under pressure.

Commenting on her experience of working at Fashion Enter, Izra, says:

“Working in this company is a great first job for me as it has given me the skills and confidence I needed to excel in a working environment.

“The studio is always very busy, and right now we’re working on production for a sports luxe brand. It’s really interesting to see all the different types of styles and the whole process of how it’s made.”

Putting apprentices into a professional environment gives them real life scenarios to explore and adapt into, it allows them to earn whilst learn, and go onto secure full time employment.

We asked Irza what advice she would give to someone considering an apprenticeship.

“Apprenticeships are a great platform to start your career with invaluable experience, which result in a qualification.

“The best thing about an apprenticeship is that work doesn’t even feel like work, because you love what you do. I really believe that if you have a passion for something then you should invest your time into that and pursue those goals, especially when it comes to fashion. The more first-hand  experience you get in this industry the better, so I definitely recommend it.”

Apprenticeships enable employers to fill the skills gaps that exist within their current workforce. They help to boost productivity, improve business performance and increase employee retention.

Rosie Holden, Fashion Studio Assistant Manager, comments:

“Since Irza joined the company as an apprentice, she has come on leaps and bounds. She is a joy to work with and gets stuck in with all aspects of the studio, whether sitting in on client meetings, helping with quality control or trying to keep us organised.

“Izra does it with a smile on her face and a ‘can-do’ attitude. We couldn’t be more pleased with her progress.”

We wish Izra all the very best with her future career in the fashion industry.

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Irza Fashion Enter Apprentice

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