15 September 2016

Telford twins Enrique and Nisa Mendez have double the reason to be grateful to their local college, after it helped them both to secure their dream jobs.

Enrique is now working with engineering giant Rolls-Royce after completing a motor vehicle course at Telford College of Arts and Technology (TCAT).

Nisa is using the art and design skills she first developed during her time at TCAT in her role as Managing Director of a new beauty and coffee bar business called Powerful Organic.

Enrique used his TCAT motor vehicle qualification to land a place on a Mechanical Engineering degree course at Staffordshire University. He said:

“My time at TCAT enabled me to get the qualifications I needed to gain experience within the motorsport industry, where I studied to be a race technician at the National College for Motorsport Silverstone.

“From there I wanted to gain a theoretical understanding of mechanical engineering principles, and with the qualifications from TCAT, I was able to go to university, and then secure a job with Rolls-Royce.”

He added:

“To anyone thinking of a course at TCAT, I’d say that all the experience you pick up will benefit you greatly.”

Enrique’s twin sister Nisa used her TCAT BTEC art and design qualification to secure a place at Wolverhampton University, studying architectural design technology.

After spending some time designing and renovating buildings, she founded Powerful Organic, with bases in Telford and Shrewsbury. She said:

“I went to TCAT to gain the art and design grades I needed to get into university to study architecture.

“It gave me the experience, which I couldn’t live without now, of Photoshop, and many design aspects which I use within my current job role at Powerful Organic.

“I was open minded when I joined the course, and learned so many different skills that have now been a massive part of my life.”

TCAT Tutor Joe Adams said:

“Nisa always demonstrated a clear creative approach to her project work and it is fantastic to see that she has carried her strong work ethic into her working life.”

Telford College of Arts and Technology (TCAT) is a further education college that has over 16,000 students: 1200 full-time, 15,000 part-time. Students include school leavers, individuals taking a second chance at education, employees of multinational companies, and overseas students.

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