18 December 2015

Friday 18 December is World Arabic Language Day, commemorating the day in 1973 when Arabic was approved as an official United Nations language.

The Arabic language is spoken across the Middle East and North Africa and as well as being the native language of over 200 million people, is one of only six official languages of the United Nations.

Qualifications in Arabic offer learners a wide choice of career opportunities, including working or volunteering internationally, journalism, translation, business, trade, tourism and working for government departments.

With the UK experiencing a shortage of qualified Arabic speakers, learning the language at any level can give learners broader opportunities to work in areas where language acquisition may be beneficial.

Areej Polina, Lead Moderator for Arabic at ABC Awards explains why learning Arabic can be both enjoyable and beneficial to learners:

"ABC Awards’ Arabic qualifications are designed to make language learning enjoyable and inspiring. The qualifications from Entry Level up to Level 2 reward advanced research and reading skills, and acknowledge the importance of Arabic language culture.

“Learners of the Level 2 qualifications in Arabic will develop an understanding of Arabic in a variety of contexts and genres, and learn to communicate confidently, clearly and effectively.

“Learners will also develop an awareness and understanding of the modern society, cultural background and legacy of the countries or communities where Arabic is spoken.”

ABC Awards Arabic qualifications begin at Entry Level for learners with no prior experience of learning Arabic. To find out more about the qualifications and the tutor support documents we offer in Arabic and other languages, please click here.

If you would like to speak to someone at ABC Awards about language qualifications, including Arabic, please email sarahr@abcawards.co.uk or call 0115 854 1672.