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Future-proofing the FE curriculum: how do we do it?

In this episode we’re looking at the FE and skills curriculum and asking what a new government needs to do to ensure it is fit for purpose and future-proof. 

To do this we’re joined by David Gallagher, CEO of NCFE, an educational charity and leader in vocational and technical learning, and Karen Spencer, Principal and Chief Executive of Harlow College. From the importance of Level 2 qualifications to the need for better relationships between employers and educators and the need for Government to trust and respect the sector more, David and Karen outline their policy asks and hopes for whoever forms the next Government.   

About Karen Spencer MBE 

Karen is a highly experienced Principal Chief Executive Officer with a history of working in the further education industry. She was awarded an MBE in 2021 recognition of her contribution to Further Education and Aviation. 

About David Gallagher 

David is NCFE Chief Executive Officer and a Non-Executive Director of the Federation of Awarding Bodies, as well as Chair of the FAB Policy Board. He has worked for big and small businesses, in the public and private sectors, and have also established several start-up businesses. 


  • Download the transcript for this episode here. 

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