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A successful Skills and Education Group course which was designed to help tackle labour exploitation, a form of modern slavery, will now receive funding from the UK Home Office Modern Slavery Fund to expand its delivery, after 100% of the attendees rated it ‘very good’ or ‘excellent’.


The Romanian Workers’ Rights project was a collaboration between the Skills and Education Group and the Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Authority (GLAA) and focused on increasing awareness within the Romanian community in the UK of their workers’ rights under UK law, and how and where to report issues they may face.


The course, which was based on the pre-existing and award-winning Level 1 Award in Workers’ Rights and Labour Exploitation qualification developed by the GLAA and Skills and Education Group, was piloted in Romanian, in February and March 2023. The success of the pilot project also couldn’t have happened without the contribution of the community-based organisations and facilitators who supported the mission and vision of this project.


A total of 33 training courses were delivered in 5 weeks across London, Manchester, Birmingham and North East Lincolnshire – enabling 271 learners to successfully complete the course. Now, the Skills and Education Group in partnership with The Romanian and Eastern European Hub, aims to deliver training to 4000 people and reach a further 10,000 through social media video content. This project continues to be supported by the GLAA, along with the Romanian Embassy in London and the Consulate General of Romania in London.


Read the full evaluation report here.


Scott Forbes, Deputy Chief Executive of the Skills and Education Group, said:

“Our group is committed to empowering marginalised communities through skills and education. The feedback from those who have attended the course so far has been amazing and we are extremely proud that we were able to act and deliver in the time frame we did, and to have now secured funding to expand our offering further.”

The course consists of six modules and can be accessed in a variety of ways; face to face sessions delivered by trained Romanian facilitators ensure consistent and coherent delivery, and training can also be attended online via MS Teams or Zoom. These methods of delivery are designed to reach Romanian communities living in the UK.


There is also an accessible interactive online self-study version of the course, developed by FETech to help reach communities in Romania. Click this link to the undertake the online learning.


Short videos have also been created to provide a course overview and an introduction to each of the six modules. Click here to view the videos.


This training course focusses on “Safe Work”. Undertaking this training course will equip individuals with the skills and knowledge to recognise signs of labour exploitation and their rights as a worker under UK law. It will also help increase knowledge to protect others and signpost to organisations which can support and help victims of labour exploitation and victimisation.

Those wanting to enquire about attending a course in their area should contact:

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Level 1 Award in Workers Rights and Labour Exploitation