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Nottingham College’s Stepping On group


The Skills and Education Group improves the lives of individuals by championing education and skills-oriented organisations, providers and learners. We work with schools, colleges and universities and deliver Professional Development, nationally and internationally, to the education and business sectors.


One of our most sought-after professional development programmes is our Emerging Leaders Programme. It’s a proven formula that offers a valuable opportunity for professionals to enhance their leadership skills. The programme provides a strong foundation for management and is designed for individuals looking to enhance their leadership skills. A wide range of topics are taught by industry experts to cultivate well-rounded leaders.


Topics covered include:

  • The fundamentals of management
  • Mental health and wellbeing in the workplace
  • Equality, Diversity and Inclusion
  • Building confidence
  • Coaching skills
  • Networking opportunities and,
  • Clifton Strength and a 360° survey to establish starting points and next steps



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BMet’s emerging leaders group from Cohort


The sessions are designed to be engaging and interactive, with a combination of workshops and discussions. They aim to provide the leaders of tomorrow with a toolkit they can apply in their daily and future roles. And the best bit is that the course can be completely adapted to fit your organisation’s needs.


As the programme continues to grow, we have seen multiple Emerging Leader cohorts

‘graduate’ this summer. Find out more about what makes the programme successful by hearing from the programme leaders and delegates in our featured video.


What do current Emerging Leaders and their employers say about the programme…

It’s taught me my strengths and helped me to find what I can improve to be a leader and mentor for other people

— Emerging Leaders student

It’s been really insightful, especially in areas that you don’t really consider in your role. It’s going into contemporary issues that we need to face

— Emerging Leaders student

From the first two cohorts of 33 students in total, 29 have gone on to progress their careers on the back of the learning in the programme. Get on and do it, you’ve got absolutely nothing to lose, you will absolutely learn lots along the way and it doesn't matter what job you are doing now or where you go in the future – there will be something within this course that will help.

— Janet Smith, Chief Executive and Principal at Nottingham

So, if you looking to support your staff and develop future leaders, or if you and your colleagues could benefit from developing your leadership skills then this programme is for you. So, in the words of our CEO, Paul Eeles, ‘do yourself a favour and speak with our knowledgeable professional development team to start your Emerging Leader’s journey’.

To find out more about the programme and our next available dates, contact the professional development team.



A selection of our recent Emerging Leaders cohorts

A selection of our recent Emerging Leaders cohorts



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