Event Summary



Date and Time

Wednesday 3 February 2021 (13:00 to 15:00)


Free (£30.00 non-members)

How do you pace a lesson so students remain engaged? How can you avoid spending too much time on less important activities, or running out of time for more in-depth tasks? And, how can you ensure there is a smooth transition from one activity to another?

This interactive online event focuses on the importance of pace, offering a number of tips and tricks on how good pacing will create the feeling that a session is moving along at just the right speed for each learner.  We will explore the benefits of pace; including how, by encouraging learning at the right ‘speed’, engagement will be maximised and there will be less time for off-task behaviours to develop.

The benefits of ‘mixing things up’ will also be explored through the use of varied activities, chunked so that there is a clear distinction between tasks; and the importance of time-management for different elements of the session, all of which have clear beginnings and endings will be shared.

If these are some of the things that occupy your planning and reflection time, then join Karen Plowman, Head of Professional Development, Skills and Education Group to explore, discuss and share some practical tips to improve pace in your sessions.

  • How can I access the event?

    All joining instructions will be sent a day prior to the session taking place and you will either be able to join us online, or by dialling into the session.

    If you have any questions or do not receive any joining instructions please call us on 0115 854 1626.