As the use of generative AI (artificial intelligence) expands across the FE and skills sector, there is much debate around whether it’s a good or a bad thing. Does it present a chance to modernise outdated methods of teaching, learning and assessment, or does it put us at the top of a very slippery slope towards lower standards and a reduced real-world understanding of your chosen discipline and overall love of learning.


Episode four of our podcast, Let’s Go Further, addresses all these questions and more. Host, Shane Chowen, is joined by the self-proclaimed AI optimist, Debra Gray, CEO and Principal of Hull College, and Paul McKean, Director of Further Education, Skills and Training at Jisc.


You can also read an article from Debra and Paul in the next edition of FE Week.


The Let’s Go Further podcast continues on Tuesday 21st May with an episode focused on FE, Skills and the green agenda featuring Charlotte Bonner, CEO of the Environmental Association for Universities and Colleges, and Jeremy Kerswell, CEO and Principal of Plumpton College.

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