Series 2, Episode 1 of the Let’s Go Further Podcast


Television and radio personality, Will Njobvu, has spoken out about the racism and discrimination he experienced during his time in education and still experiences in his working life.


In ‘Black, gay and proud, which is the first episode in the second series of the Let’s Go Further podcast, produced by the Skills and Education Group, Will talks to host Joe McLoughlin about how he has negotiated his way through being a young, black, gay man in the UK today.

I’ve had to take a tough stand in my life to be me.

— Will Njobvu

In the episode, Will talks openly about the importance of creating a more diverse education system, how racism today is more subtle and therefore more dangerous, and his definition of activism.


He also talks about being the only black or non-white person in numerous newsrooms, television stations and media organisations before moving on to discuss the effect of the murder of George Floyd had on the industry, and, crucially, whether that effect has lasted.

We need to be at a place where there is a genuine need for black talent not just because people feel like it needs to be done but because they want to... it shouldn’t be a tokenistic thing where people are just trying to tick boxes… we should work to get to a place where black talent is wanted and nurtured and cherished naturally not just to tick a box.

— Will Njobvu

Let’s Go Further is a podcast that aims to challenge the way we think about skills and education. Having focused on social mobility in series one, which was published in the autumn of 2022, the team are looking at issues around equity, diversity and inclusion throughout series two.


Hosted by the Skills and Education Group’s Foundation Manager, Joe McLoughlin, series two will be launches on Tuesday 18 April and will feature guests from inside and outside the education sector including: Jess Phillips MP, Shadow Minister for Domestic Violence and Safeguarding; transgender couple, Jake and Hannah Graf; and Josh MacAlister, Chair of The Independent Review of Children’s Social Care.


The Let’s Go Further podcast is produced by the Skills and Education Group in collaboration with Research Podcasts and is available wherever you receive your podcasts.

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